Don’t undo the good work of your skincare routine when you use foundation

Dermalogica Treatment FoundationsThere are probably very few of us who would venture out of the house without covering our skin first in foundations, powders, concealers or blushers. Have you ever stopped to think, however, about the fact that the make-up you use could be doing more harm than good to your complexion?

We tend to forget that some make-up can create more problems that in solves: it can clog pores and cause blemishes, certain ingredients can irritate sensitive skin, and we all need to be careful about how we apply it.

Dermalogica Treatment Foundations have been formulated with these very points in mind, and allow you to wear make-up without undoing what your skin care routine does for your complexion:

• Foundations made with oil can cause terrible problems for those who have a tendency to develop spots. They combine with sebum and dead skin cells to block pores which then become a breeding ground for bacteria. Dermalogica Foundations are water based, preventing blockages and allowing you to determine whether you want a light or heavy coverage.

• Skin conditioners keep your skin hydrated and protected, reducing the likelihood of irritation and ensuring that your skin holds on to precious moisture.

• Hygiene is paramount: many of us underestimate just how bad it is to keep on using the same brush or sponge over and over again, particularly if you put the applicator into the product. All this does is transfer sebum, make-up and bacteria from your face to the product and back again. Over and over again. Dermalogica’s Foundations are packaged in a hygienic tube and come with two hypo-allergenic sponges.

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