Brighten up your skin this spring

The harsh winter weather can really take its toll on skin, and by the time spring finally arrives, skin can be left looking a little on the dull side.

Nobody wants to step into spring with skin which looks dull though- we all want to start the fresh season with fresh looking skin. Thankfully, achieving such a complexion isn’t too much of a task, as skin care products have improved no end over recent years.

In the current economic climate, very few people have got the spare cash to spend on taking a trip to an expensive dermatologist, and luckily this isn’t the only way to get skin back to its best, as there are plenty of skin care products which can be used in the home which can be just as effective yet a lot less expensive.

A good exfoliant can go a long way in brightening the skin by getting rid of dead skin cells- Dermalogica has a brilliant range with products to help brighten up most skin types.

For those with bigger skin brightening needs such as hyperpigmentation and discolouration, the products within the powerful Dermalogica Chroma White TRx range are amazing, and really can transform the look of the skin.

Brighten up skin this spring with a helping hand from Dermalogica.

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