What products are best for rehydrating skin?

Dry skin is a very common problem which those in many different age brackets and from all walks of life can find themselves having to put up with. As there are so many great skin care products out there at the moment though, there is no valid reason why any sufferer should have to put up with it.

The key to injecting hydration into dehydrated skin is investing in the right products and using them properly. With so many different types of products on offer though, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which products to use for the best.

When skin is very dehydrated though, you should ensure that EVERY skin care product which is being used has been specifically designed to tackle dry skin. These include:

Cleanser– a gentle, moisturising cleanser which doesn’t strip skin further should be used.
Moisturiser– a heavy weight moisturiser which can saturate skin with hydration is a must.
Masque– there are now many face masques out there which can really restore the state of very dry skin.

Dermalogica has a superb range of products which have been designed to treat and protect very dehydrated skin, and it’s well worth investing in a few of them.

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