Foundation- why you shouldn’t settle for second best

If you’re like many modern women in the sense that you don’t like to venture outdoors without a touch of foundation, it goes without saying that you’ll want to get the best out of such a frequently used product.

Beauty store shelves are now full to the brim with foundations, with different products promising all sorts of results and skin benefits. With so much choice on offer though, you really do need to make sure that you don’t settle for a foundation which is second best.

Settling for second best (even when it’s not intentional) could see your foundation making a disappearing act just a short while after you’ve applied it, could cause skin to become oily or dry and could generally just put a dampener on your overall cosmetic efforts.

These aren’t problems which you will need to encounter when you opt for Dermalogica Treatment Foundation though. Dermalogica Treatment Foundation isn’t oil-based (so no greasiness) yet does keep skin hydrated. Coverage can be adjusted to suit skin’s differing needs on different days, and the foundation comes in a wide choice of colours.

Dermalogica Treatment Foundation really is up there with the best.

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