Take a gentle approach to cleansing

Contrary to what some people believe, effectively cleansing the skin doesn’t mean scrubbing away vigorously with a really harsh product, and doing this could actually make the skin worse- which pretty much defeats the object of cleansing.

Taking a heavy handed approach with cleansing could leave your skin stripped of essential oils (which means dreaded dryness) and skin could also be left looking red raw (which isn’t a look you’ll want to flaunt.) this is why you need to be very careful with how you treat your skin.

Cleansers today are much better than the cleansers which were on the market a few years ago, and as well as there being a lot more choice nowadays, there are now scores of cleansers around which offer deep cleansing whilst still being super gentle on the skin.

Taking a gentle approach to cleansing is absolutely essential whatever your skin type may be, and whatever your skin type may be, take a look at the Dermalogica range of cleansers.

Dermalogica cleansers are really effective yet form a really quick and easy part of a skin care regime. Furthermore, as Dermalogica cleansers are also really affordable, you don’t need to spend the earth to treat your skin well.

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