Moisturiser can make all the difference

However pressed for time you may find yourself in the morning, and however unnecessary you think it may be, you really do need to treat your skin to a good helping of moisturiser.

Even if you don’t feel that you need to use moisturiser, you almost certainly do- even if you’re young and feel that your skin is adequately hydrated.

The thing about moisturiser is that it can not only make all the difference now, but also years down the line, and even if you never really like to think too far ahead, you should definitely make an exception when it comes to your skin.

In the short term, a good moisturiser will make your skin feel a lot more supple, look healthier and can also provide a good base for those who wear cosmetics.

Looking to the future, moisturising morning and night now will also help to keep your skin looking younger for longer and will help to stop fine lines from making a premature appearance.

Whether your skin is combination, oily or a little dry, regular use of a good moisturiser is an absolute must- and they don’t come much better than the products in the Dermalogica range of moisturisers. Even top celebrities swear by them!

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