Feel let down by foundation?

If you’re amongst the millions of women in the world who cites foundation as a must have make up product, it goes without saying that you’ll want it to serve you well.

The main purpose of foundation is to even out the complexion and generally make it look a lot more radiant, and when you drop by any given beauty counter on any given High Street, you can’t move for foundations promising to achieve these.

However, the problem with some of these foundations is that whilst they might give skin a boost upon application and for a short amount of time afterwards, it isn’t long before they look less than fresh or have all but disappeared. More often than not, the main culprit here is oil.

Although there are some super oil-based moisturisers out there, they’re not suitable for all skin types, and those with excessively oily skin in particular could find that foundation does a disappearing act or starts to look greasy in no time at all.

If you feel a little let down by your oil-based foundation, why not try an oil-free alternative- such as the brilliant Dermalogica Treatment Foundation, which comes in lots of natural shades and which could stay put for a lot longer?

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