Don’t succumb to skin care sins

When you’re incredibly busy for what feels like most of your life, it can be really easy to find yourself committing skin care sins- sometimes without even knowing it!

Even when you have many important things going on in your life though, it’s still really important to make sure that your skin is being cared for properly, otherwise you could find yourself really regretting it further down the line.

Here are some skin care sins which are all too commonly committed but which should definitely be avoided at all costs…

Failing to cleanse tone or moisturise- for most people’s skin, these steps are essential.

Failing to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily- once just isn’t enough.

Using the wrong type of products for the skin type- it’s important to know your skin type and know what products you should be using.

Using poor quality products- this is an easy trap to fall into with so many looking to cut back on spending, although quality skin care products are actually very affordable.

To stop yourself from committing any skin care sins, and to ensure that your skin is being treated as well as possible, invest in some Dermalogica products– there’s plenty for every skin type.

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