Don’t let winter weather skin

British winters seem to go on forever, especially when you compare the amount of cold dark days which we receive to hot, bright ones.

Whilst they enjoy the summer sun, most people are well aware of the fact that the sun can be really damaging, so during the warmer months, the vast majority of people really put the effort into looking after and protecting the skin.

However, during the winter months, these skin care efforts can all too easily go out of the window, and by the time spring does come around, skin looks decidedly weathered rather than fresh and vibrant.

Although you might not find yourself suffering from sunburn when it’s freezing outside, skins can still seriously suffer at the hands of cold climatic conditions. Even when the sun is all but completely hidden, it can still have a seriously negative impact on skin, and bitterly cold winds and temperatures can also see skin taking a bit of a beating.

The great news is though, that protecting the skin during the winter months doesn’t have to involve spending tonnes on lots of expensive new products, as Dermalogica has lots of great offerings which will see you well through these dreary days.

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