Conceal spots without encouraging bacteria

In the past, when spots struck, the general consensus was that they should be left alone and not covered under layers and layers of cosmetics, and this often left individuals with a choice to make- leave spots alone and feel unconfident about skin, or cover them up and risk making them worse.

This was in the past though, and even just a short while ago cosmetics and skin care products weren’t half as good as they are now. Nowadays, you can cover spots really naturally without encouraging bacteria and without making things worse- and one product which can help here is the fantastic Dermalogica Spot Concealing Treatment.

Dermalogica Spot Concealing Treatment simultaneously conceals and clears- which is great for those who lead very busy lifestyles and for whom constantly applying a spot-fighting product throughout the course of a day isn’t really convenient.

Dermalogica Spot Concealing Treatment works in many fantastic ways- not only does it eliminate spot-causing bacteria and conceal, but it also clears away excess oil and congestion in the follicles.

Unlike many other concealers, it can also help to stop future breakouts. It really is a great modern product.

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