Winter sun can be just as damaging

Most people don’t need to think twice about liberally applying a sunscreen during the summer or when holidaying abroad, although when the bitterly cold long winter sets in, applying sunscreen is the last thing on many a mind.

The thing is though, whilst temperatures might be veering more towards freezing than scorching outside, this doesn’t mean that the sun can’t do any damage. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as the sun’s rays could be quietly damaging skin without you even knowing it.

When temperatures are high, and if you’re unlucky enough to succumb to sunburn, the damage which the sun has done will be very visible. When the weather is colder though and skin isn’t protected, the sun could silently be having a very negative impact on skin.

This is why every single person out there needs to get into the habit of protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays whatever the weather.

There are many moisturisers and cosmetics out there which contain SPF, and of course there are also many standard sun blocks out there.

Take a good look at the Dermalogica SPF offerings- in particular their Solar Defence range– there will be products to suit your skin and lifestyle perfectly.

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