Hydration should last throughout the day

For lots of us, applying moisturiser is the final part of our morning skin care regime, and as well as being the final part of many skin care regimes, it’s also one of the most important.

Whether you spend your days sat at a computer or running back and forth taking the kids to school and trying to fit in everything in between, it’s important for your skin to be hydrated throughout.

Very few people have got the time or patience to apply layer upon layer of moisturiser throughout the course of the day- and by investing in a good product you really shouldn’t have to.

A good moisturiser will not only hydrate your skin immediately after it’s applied, it should also continue to offer hydration for hours afterwards.

Every skin type needs to be treated to continuous hydration too- not just overly dry skin- and nowadays, there are lots of different moisturisers which have been designed to properly hydrate different skin types.

Dermalogica moisturisers can provide your skin with amazing hydration for hour after hour, and as there is such a large product range, there will be a Dermalogica moisturiser which keeps your skin’s thirst at bay all day long.

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