Make time for a masque

Cleansing, toning and moisturising should all form part of the average daily skin care regime, as they’re the basics which are needed to keep skin in tip top condition.

Cleansers, toners and moisturisers aren’t always the be all and end all though, and you can’t fail to have noticed the many other fantastic types of skin care products which are also available.

Masques can make a brilliant addition to any skin care regime, and whether you’re 100% happy with the current condition of your skin, or whether you feel that it could do with a little TLC, as there are so many great masques out there, there’s something to suit everyone’s skin.

Making time for a masque will not only help to perk up your skin, but will also provide you with the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy a spot of pampering.

When it comes to masques, Dermalogica’s are definitely amongst the best, as there are Dermalogica masques which are really effective at dealing with different skin conditions- such as excessive oiliness and extreme dryness.

Make time for a masque and see just how much of a difference it could make.

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