You only need one foundation

Foundation is definitely one of the best products when it comes to being able to feel confident about your skin- it’s no surprise that so many women cite it as their must have makeup product.

On those days where you might wake up and not feel quite so confident about your skin, applying a foundation and concealing any blemishes can help you to feel a whole lot better about yourself. When you just need a slight skin pick me up though, you won’t really want to apply a thick foundation.

As skin can have different needs on different days when it comes to coverage, many women like to invest in more than one foundation. This can be expensive and also inconvenient though, so it’s much better to find a foundation which does more than one job.

Dermalogica Treatment Foundation firmly in this category, as it offers adjustable coverage- from sheer to concealing.

Dermalogica Treatment Foundation is oil free (which can help to stop foundation from sliding and skin from looking greasy) yet can still help to protect against loss of moisture and irritation.

You only need one foundation, so make it a Dermalogica one.

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