Clear and control

When spots appear, it’s a certainty that you’ll want them to disappear again as quickly as possible- especially if spots have also brought shine along for the ride.

There are lots of amazing spot fighting products out there at the moment which can help to restore clear skin quickly. Unfortunately though, as it’s not possible to make spots disappear in a second, you do have to be a little patient. Fortunately though, you don’t need to be patient when it comes to controlling the shine which often comes hand in hand with spots, as there are products which can immediately eliminate this issue.

When you’re on a spot fighting crusade, using lots of different products to fight and control them isn’t exactly ideal, although with so many products out there which can do more than one job, you shouldn’t have to use product after product.

Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier is a brilliant multi-tasking product which fights spots and clears breakouts simultaneously , and as well as being able to tackle existing problems it can also help to stop problems from appearing again in the future.

Clear and control with this great Dermalogica product.

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