Why let winter weather play havoc with your skin?

During the summer, most people’s skin priority is preventing sun burn and sun damage, and once the warm sun disappears again for the duration, some then believe that skin care efforts can go on the backburner until the following year.

Putting your skin care efforts on the back burner during the colder months could see you putting the condition of your skin at risk of damage though- and this shouldn’t be a risk which you should be willing to take.

Freezing cold temperatures can play absolute havoc with your skin, and without the right products you could find that your skin becomes very parched. This could not only make skin look raw, but feel raw.

During the winter months, you really can’t afford to neglect an intensely nourishing and hydrating moisturiser. A good moisturiser will help to prevent harsh climatic conditions from making their mark, and will help to keep dry, flaky skin at bay.

There are tonnes of fantastic Dermalogica Moisturisers and climate control products which will stop winter weather from playing havoc with your skin- invest now and don’t take that risk!

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