Using the wrong moisturiser- the negative effects

As there are thousands of different moisturisers on the market at the moment, it can be easy to find yourself using a moisturiser which isn’t quite right, and if you’re really confused about what it is you should be getting from your moisturiser, you could find yourself putting off making a more suitable investment.

This isn’t the way to go though, as using an unsuitable moisturiser could have numerous negative effects- immediately and further down the line.

Depending on your skin type and the moisturiser which you’re using, some of the negative effects which could appear instantly include skin which feels dry and tight, skin which looks greasy or shiny, and skin which starts to fall victim to spots or blemishes.

In order to keep your skin in good condition and looking amazing further down the line, the use of suitable moisturiser is a must. A moisturiser which doesn’t provide proper hydration or which doesn’t soak into the skin properly could leave your skin really dehydrated- and this could lead to the appearance of fine lines and leave you with skin which has aged prematurely.

Using a Dermalogica Moisturiser will help to prevent you from having to put up with these negative effects though, as they’re all of unbelievably high quality and do exactly what they promise too.

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