Provide your pores with adequate breathing space

Although you need to make sure that all of the skin care products which you use as part of your daily skincare regime do their job properly, when it comes to keeping spots and blemishes at bay, the use of a good cleanser is a must.

Good cleansers aren’t just a necessity for those who wear cosmetics and other skin products on a regular basis, they’re a necessity for EVERYONE.

Think about just how much dirt and pollution which every individual’s skin is exposed to on daily basis, and you will quickly understand why thorough cleansing is such an important part of every skin care regime.

Failing to cleanse at least twice a day, or cleansing with a product which just doesn’t cut it could leave your pores very clogged very quickly- leading to blemishes which you really could do without.

Luckily, there are lots of great Dermalogica Cleansers around which will provide your pores with the breathing space they need and which will generally help to keep your skin in good condition.

There are Dermalogica Cleansers for all skin conditions too, so even if your skin is very dry or oily, your pores can breathe easy.

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