Protecting your skin in the winter

Although the start of the autumn saw most areas of the UK enjoying some unseasonably warm weather, it’s now safe to say that hot sunny days won’t be gracing us until well into next year.

With Christmas now approaching us with alarming speed, most days are likely to consist of rain, ice, snow (gulp!) and really low temperatures, and when conditions are like this, it can be all to easy to forget to protect your skin properly.

For most people, skin care products which stop the skin from becoming very dry and chapped are the order of the day, and in placing priorities here they completely forget to protect the skin from the sun.

Some people mistakenly think that when the sun isn’t shining brightly and warmly, it can’t cause any skin damage. This isn’t the case though, as even when the sun is hidden by dark clouds, its rays can have a negative impact.

This is why, even on the coldest and dreariest winter’s day, you still need to apply a product with an SPF- the Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster is a good product for year-round use.

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