Could your body wash be stripping your skin?

There are lots of body wash products on the market at the moment which really do smell good enough to eat, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re good for your skin.

Most of us will readily admit that one of the deciding factors when choosing a body wash is the way that it smells, although many modern body wash products are full of chemicals, and these products can leave your skin in less than its best state.

Regardless of how stunning a body wash smells, if it’s packed full of chemicals and is stripping your skin of hydration, it’s time to swap it for a little something else.

Generally, you’ll be able to tell if a body wash is stripping your skin, as it’s likely to feel dry, dehydrated and parched.

Rather than taking a chance with using a product which could leave your skin in poor condition, you should instead reach for Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash and get the best of both worlds.

Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash features a fantastic blend of essential oils which make for a stunning fragrance, and these essential oils also help to leave the skin feeling silky smooth and fully hydrated.

So, if you think that your body wash is stripping your skin, stop it in its tracks by investing in this great Dermalogica product.

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