Cleansing skin without making it more sensitive

When your skin feels really sensitive, the last thing which you’ll want to do is pile lots of products on top of it, as even using the basics can leave skin feeling even more irritated and sore.

When your skin is going through a sensitive patch, it can be easy to think that slathering your skin in moisturiser and not a lot else is the best route to take, although even when your skin is feeling seriously sore, you can’t afford to neglect any other areas of your skin care regime.

If you’ve been neglecting cleansing, due to it making your skin feel just too sensitive to bear, chances are, you’re using the wrong cleanser.

Sensitive skin needs to be cleansed with a product which has been specifically formulated for the skin type, rather than with a standard cleanser which is likely to be far too harsh.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser is the perfect product for those with super sensitive skin, as whilst it cleanses, it also cools and calms.

So suitable for sensitive skin is the Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser, water doesn’t even need to be used for skin to enjoy a thorough cleanse, and it can easily be wiped away.

This product allows you to cleanse skin without making it more sensitive.

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