Quick cleansing CAN be efficient cleansing

After a long day- whether it’s been spent shopping hard or working hard- your skin can feel really clogged and grimy- and when you consider what it will have been exposed to, this comes as no surprise really.

Wearing cosmetics for hours on end can also leave the skin feeling really clogged up, and however you’ve spent the best part of the day, one of the first things which you’ll want to do when you get home is give your skin a seriously thorough cleanse.

When your skin has been exposed to all sorts, you could feel as though you have to spend an absolute age lathering up and rinsing repeatedly. Not necessarily though, as there are now some super cleansers around which provide really deep yet really quick cleansing. Dermalogica’s brilliant range of cleansers falls firmly into this category.

The products within the Dermalogica range of cleansers have all been formulated so that they instantly get to work on cleansing deep down in the pores and therefore they don’t require multiple applications or require you to spend your precious time at the bathroom sink.

Quick cleansing CAN be efficient cleansing- and Dermalogica Cleansers clearly prove this.

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