Masque excessively oily skin

Excessively oily skin can prove really problematic to deal with when you’re not dealing with it with the right products.

For years, many skin care myths have surrounded the excessively oily skin condition, although these myths can actually make things worse.

Skipping moisturiser and using a harsh cleanser are just a couple of the myths which many have found themselves falling victim to, and as a rule these myths should be ignored at all costs.

There are lots of different types of products on the skin care market nowadays which can really help in keeping oil at bay, and whilst many are aware of lotions and moisturisers which can control excess oil, they’re not aware of masques.

Masques can be a brilliant weapon in the fight against excessively oily skin though- particularly specially formulated products such as Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque.

Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque swiftly gets to work on absorbing excess surface oils once it’s applied, and also cools the skin whilst it cleanses.

The Sebum Clearing Masque controls over active sebaceous glands, and is therefore a particularly good investment for those who also suffer with break outs.

With this fantastic Dermalogica product, you can masque excessively oily skin as opposed to masking it under layers of powders and products.

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