Good moisturisers don’t have to be overly expensive

Failing to use a good moisturiser could leave your skin in very poor condition, so it’s one part of your skin care regime which you really do need to make sure you get right.

If you think about all of the elements, pollution and masses of dirt which your skin is exposed to on a daily basis, it’s easy to see how it can become dehydrated and parched very quickly. A good moisturiser can help to prevent this though.

It’s also very easy to see why so many people believe that they have to spend the absolute earth on a moisturiser- you only need to open your average glossy mag to be greeted by ads for celebrity endorsed ‘miracle moisturisers’.

This couldn’t be further from the truth though, as there are plenty of reasonably priced moisturisers around which can do the job just as well. Once you’ve determined your skin type and assessed your skin’s individual needs, you’re well on track to finding a suitable moisturiser at a suitable price.

The superb range of Dermalogica moisturisers provides clear proof that amazing moisturisers don’t have to come with sky-high price tags- and these products have a very impressive celebrity fan base themselves.

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