Soothe skin after sun exposure

Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ll know just how essential it is to protect the skin from the sun’s damaging rays on a daily basis, although it when you jet off on a foreign holiday to hotter climes, protecting your skin is even more important.

Before stepping out of their hotel and heading off to the beach or to see the sights, most holidaymakers apply their choice of sunscreen then think nothing of it for the rest of the day.

However careful you may be about applying sunscreen before stepping outdoors though, there are occasions when this one layer of sunscreen might not be adequate- and this could lead to sunburn.
Sometimes, sunburn isn’t immediately noticeable, though, and it’s only when you step inside that you really start to see and feel it.

Applying Dermalogica After Sun Repair can help to soothe skin and help to repair the damage caused by the sun’s rays though, so you don’t have to sit in your hotel room painfully suffering.

Dermalogica After Sun Repair brings irritation and redness down too- which can make the condition a lot less noticeable.

So, wherever you may be jetting off to, don’t jet off without this little gem.

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