Finding a cleanser to suit you

Ensuring that the skin is cleansed properly morning and night is essential for everyone, and this doesn’t mean cleansing with the first product which comes to hand- this means cleansing with a product which is 100% suitable for your skin.

Cleansing skin with the first product comes to hand generally isn’t the best way of ensuring that skin remains in peak condition, and using soap to cleanse is even more of a skin sin and should be avoided at all costs.

Even though there’s a huge amount of choice in the skin care market when it comes to cleansers, finding a cleanser to suit you doesn’t have to be as much as a minefield as it may initially look. By taking your skin type into consideration, you can narrow your choices down considerably, and edge ever-closer to finding the perfect cleanser.

By taking your skin type plus other factors such as whether you’re active or wear cosmetics on a daily basis, finding a cleanser which doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight, looking oily or facing regular breakouts shouldn’t be too time-consuming or expensive.

By looking to the fabulous choice of Dermalogica cleansers, your search will be even simpler, as there’s something for every skin type.

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