Exfoliation shouldn’t leave your skin red raw

Several steps need to be taken to keep skin healthy and looking good, and cleansing, toning and moisturising alone sometimes aren’t quite enough.

With so many people barely having five minutes to themselves nowadays though, these 3 skin care steps could be all that some people have time for, although unless you want to run the risk of letting the condition of your skin deteriorate, it’s well worth putting in that extra effort.

Although some people don’t realise it, exfoliation is a really important part of keeping skin in peak condition, as it helps to shift dead skin cells, enable skin to breathe and reveal that stunning fresh skin underneath.

One mistake which some make though- especially those new to the concept of exfoliation- is using an overly harsh product which leaves skin red raw- although this definitely isn’t the desired end result.

Exfoliants don’t have to be harsh to be effective- and Dermalogica exfoliants prove this. Dermalogica boasts a brilliant range of exfoliants to suit many skin types, and these products are kind to skin yet can make a real difference- and they won’t leave you red-faced in the process.

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