Wipe out the chances of sun damage

The thing about British weather is that you can never predict when the sun might decide to grace the land with its presence- especially during the summer when it’s pouring with rain one minute then the sun’s shining brightly the next.

Such unpredictability can make it really difficult to know when to apply sunscreen- and this can leave your sun exposed to skin damage.

It’s pretty fair to say that nobody wants to have to lug a big bottle of sunscreen around with them all of the time, although there is a more convenient option- which comes in the form of Dermalogica Solar Defence Wipes.

Dermalogica Solar Defence Wipes make it easy to ensure that your skin is protected at all times, and they’re so light and handy to carry around, you’ll hardly notice that you’re carrying them at all.

The Solar Defence Wipes offer SPF 15 protection and even when exposed to water you can still enjoy protection for around 80 minutes, so they’re superb for more active types.

So, invest in these brilliant little towelettes and wipe out the chances of getting caught short and the sun damaging your skin.

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