Don’t be a summer skin sinner

The seriously sunburnt look is never a good one, although if you fail to protect your skin properly against the sun’s harmful rays, it could be a look which is all too quickly winging its way to you.

When you’re eager to get out and about and enjoy the summer sun, it can be easy to forget to apply a sun screen or apply a sunscreen which isn’t suitable, although this is a fast track to sun damaged skin, and sun screen should be your absolute priority.

Although it’s really important to use a product with SPF all year round, it’s even more essential during the summer when your skin is more at risk of burning.

It’s equally as essential to protect the body and the face too, and even if you’re not planning on baring much in the way of bare flesh on your body, it’s always better to be prepared.

Dermalogica can help to prevent you from becoming the ultimate summer skin sinner, as they have a wide range of products within their Solar Defence System range which can protect different skin types and the skin on the face and the body.

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