Avoiding excessive summer shine

During the summer months, the beautiful sun is likely to be one of the only things which you want to shine- and shiny skin will most certainly be something which you want to avoid.

For those who suffer with excessively shiny and excessively oily skin even when temperatures are sub-zero though, keeping shiny skin at bay when the temperatures are soaring can be a lot easier said than done- and- if unpredictable rain showers weren’t enough- this could put a real dampener on your summer.

There are some great tips which you can follow and products which you can use which can really help you to avoid excess shine this summer though- leaving you feeling a lot more confident and able to enjoy everything the summer has to offer.

Keeping make up to a minimum will help you to avoid that dreaded shine, and keeping some oil blotting sheets handy can also really help.
Dermalogica products which can also be a magnificent help include their Oil Control Lotion, Oil Free Matte and Active Moist offerings.
With a little help from these products, you can avoid excess shine and enjoy whatever British summer we may be graced with.

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