Start with a good cleanser

There’s little point in investing in the most expensive moisturiser that money can buy if you’re not cleansing your skin with a good product, and as cleansing is generally the first step in most people’s skin care regimes, it’s definitely one of the first things which you need to look at.

As there are shelves and shelves of different types of cleansers about on the High Street at the moment, it can be confusing to know what sort of cleanser you should be using.

Some simply reach for a cleanser which looks as though it will offer the deepest cleanse, although if it’s not right for your skin type you could see yourself facing problems.

A good cleanser should be able to cleanse properly without leaving your skin dry or tight, or at the other end of the scale- oily.

Being sure of your skin type before you even start to look at cleansers will really help you to choose the most suitable one, and once you have determined this, why not look at the great range that Dermalogica has?

There are many Dermalogica Cleansers available designed to suit different skin types– so whether your skin falls into the oily, combination or prematurely aging category, Dermalogica can provide you with the best start possible.

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