Things your moisturiser should and shouldn’t provide you with

Moisturising is an important part of any skin care regime, and under no circumstances should it be skipped- morning or night.

However, you do also need to be careful and ensure that you’re using a moisturiser which is suitable for your skin- as using an unsuitable product can be just as bad as not using one altogether.

Choosing a moisturiser which is perfect for your skin shouldn’t be too problematic, although as there are so many different products on the market at the moment which are designed for different skin types, you should choose carefully.

Your moisturiser should:

– Hydrate your skin thoroughly- leaving it supple and smooth
– Provide you with a good base for the application of makeup if necessary
– Serve your skin well throughout the duration of the day
– Absorb quickly

Your moisturiser shouldn’t:

– Sit on your skin- leaving a greasy or shiny residue
– Irritate your skin in any way
– Leave your skin feeling tight
– Result in a huge makeup slide

Dermalogica has a fantastic range of moisturisers which can tick each and every one of these boxes, and with products for a range of skin types there’s something to meet every individual’s moisturising needs.

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