Make your makeup go the extra mile

After getting up early to give yourself time to properly apply your makeup, there are few things more infuriating than finding that your makeup has all but completely disappeared just a couple of hours later.

You can invest in the most expensive cosmetics in the world, although if you’re not applying them to a good base your makeup is highly unlikely to stick around for long.

If you want your makeup to go the extra mile- whether you’re doing the 9-5 in the office or whether you’re out on the town enjoying a big night of partying- you need to give yourself time to prepare the perfect base.

This doesn’t have to involve a huge amount of time either, as a couple of extra minutes is literally all it takes.

One thing which can have an impact on the longevity of your makeup is your moisturiser. A moisturiser which doesn’t sink in properly and which leaves a greasy residue can make your makeup slide off really quickly, so choose an oil free product which sinks in without trace such as Dermalogica Active Moist.

Similarly, if you wear foundation, try and choose a good oil free product which will stay put for hours- such as Dermalogica Treatment Foundation. A little really does go a long way.

Take a look at how you’re preparing your base then make the necessary changes- your makeup really can go the extra mile.

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