Winter sun can be just as weathering

When the snow is falling and you’re wrapped up in your hat, scarf and gloves, the last thing that you’re probably thinking about is protecting your skin from the sun, although even in bitterly cold conditions it really is essential.

Protecting your skin during the colder months doesn’t mean that you need to slap the thick sun cream on all over your body every time you step out of the house, although it does mean that you need to ensure that your face is protected by using a product with an SPF.

These days, with more and more people realising that a proper skin care regime is a must in order to keep skin healthy, many moisturisers and cosmetics (particularly foundation) offer SPF protection.

However, if your choice of products doesn’t provide you with any protection whatsoever, you need to invest in a product which does.

Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster is the perfect product for those looking for year round sun protection, as it provides you with SPF 30 protection- which should be more than sufficient for the winter months.

The Solar Defence Booster can be mixed in with your usual Dermalogica Foundation or Dermalogica Moisturiser for skin which is protected from the sun’s rays- even when you can’t feel the heat.

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