Concealing spots doesn’t have to equal congestion

Whether you are prone to regular outbreaks, or whether spots simply make an appearance every now and again, when you need to cover them up, you need to invest in good quality products.

Take a look in any chemists or on any beauty counter and you’ll be faced with scores of concealers. However, the problem with some of these products is that they can lead to skin becoming very congested- which can unfortunately lead to a breakout becoming worse.

However desperate you may be to cover up spots, you will also be keen to make them vanish as soon as possible, although unless you choose your concealing products carefully congested pores could delay this.

As usual though, Dermalogica is here to help, as the fantastic Concealing Spot Treatment can cover and clear simultaneously- and offers a very natural finish.

If you also feel that your skin and confidence could perhaps benefit from the use of a foundation, look to Dermalogica Treatment Foundation, which offers adjustable coverage from very light to completely concealing. Again, this product can help to clear and conceal at the same time- which makes it a doubly great choice.

Conceal spots the clever way with these amazing products- and keep pores clear in the process.

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