Your skin care regime can have an effect on the look and longevity of the cosmetics which you use

If you simply can’t live without your daily dose of cosmetics, it’s safe to assume that you will want your products to look as good as possible and to last as long as possible- especially if you have splashed out on pricier brands.

Whilst ensuring that you opt for quality products will go a long way in ensuring that your cosmetics see you well throughout those long working days, what many people aren’t aware of is the part which your overall skin care regime can play.

Using skin care products which are leaving your skin dehydrated or which don’t properly cater to the needs of dry skin could result in cosmetics looking cracked and caked on.

Similarly, products which make your skin extra shiny or which don’t control excess oil are likely to make cosmetics ‘slide off’ and look a little on the greasy side.

So, if your makeup isn’t looking as good as it should or lasting for more than a couple of hours, your skin care regime could be to blame, although for products which will help cosmetics to stay put, look to Dermalogica.

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