The importance of exfoliating the entire body

If you’re guilty of paying a lot of attention to the skin on your face yet completely neglecting the skin on your body, you’re not alone, as scores of people commit the same skin sin.

Temperatures are positively freezing now, and this calls for layer upon layer of winter woollies- which means that even those who pride themselves on really looking after the skin on their body for the majority of the year could feel a little tempted to neglect it, although this neglect should be avoided at all costs.

For the most part, a quick scrub in the shower with your favourite gel, followed by a small and hastily applied helping of moisturiser isn’t enough to keep skin in its best condition, and it is extremely important to add an exfoliant into the mix.

Failing to exfoliate skin will not only leave it looking dull and tired, but could also lead to painful and unsightly dry cracked skin which can be difficult and time consuming to eliminate.

A good exfoliant will gently get rid of dull, dry skin without being overly harsh, and will leave skin looking and feeling silky smooth.

Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub is the perfect product for those who want to ensure that they’re body beautiful, so why not request it in your Christmas stocking this year?!

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