Banish those blemishes before your big Christmas bash

Tis the season to be jolly- although this could be a lot easier said than done if you have found yourself the less than happy recipient of spots or a blemish. Even worse if, not only has your skin decided to let you down, but it’s done so right before your big Christmas bash.

It can be all too easy to start to panic and resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to spend your entire party feeling self conscious over the state of your skin, although there are ways of banishing these blemishes more quickly and enjoying complete skin confidence whilst you party.

The first thing which you need to avoid at all costs is picking at blemishes, as although it might be tempting it’s likely to leave the condition looking a lot worse.

Instead, arm yourself with products which have been specially designed to help to speedily shift spots and blemishes- such as those in the Dermalogica MediBac Clearing System range.

The Dermalogica Special Clearing Booster is great for quickly giving blemishes the boot, whilst the Concealing Spot Treatment is the perfect product for hiding skin imperfections whilst you wait for them to disappear.

There are plenty more products in the MediBac Clearing System range which will also get your skin back on the right track just in time for your party.

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