Are you STILL using soap on your skin?!

Unless you’ve spent a large proportion of your life living on another planet, you are bound to know just how much of a no-no it is to cleanse the face using soap.

It might have been acceptable for your parents to give your face a quick scrub with soap and a flannel during your childhood, but if you want your skin to look and feel its best throughout adulthood, you really do need to steer clear.

The thing about using your average beauty soap to cleanse the skin is that they are generally far too harsh and are usually full of skin sapping ingredients. This can result in skin looking and feeling dry and tight, and at the other end of the spectrum can also leave skin overly greasy.

There’s no reason why you have to risk ruining the condition of your complexion with soap though, as there are a lots of great facial cleansers around which are just as readily available.

Dermalogica boasts a great range of cleansers for all skin types, so whether your skin falls into the ‘normal’, dry, prematurely aging, sensitive, breakout prone or uneven category, there’s a product out there for you- so there’s no excuse for scrubbing with the soap.

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