Preparing your skin for that important event

If you have a big social event in the pipeline, you’re certain to want to look your very best, and after you’ve found the perfect outfit and decided how you’re going to style your hair and wear your makeup, you should then turn your attention to your skin.

Whatever the current condition of your skin, there are many products on the market which can help to make it look even better.

Whether you have 4 weeks or 4 days before your big event, it’s never too early or too late to get on the right path to gorgeously glowing skin.

Unfortunately, none of us can never predict when a spot or blemish will decide to make an appearance, although you can help to minimise the chances of this happening right before your big event by ensuring that you’re using an effective cleanser and products which don’t block your pores.

Skin which is dry or prematurely aging can be given an almighty boost through the use of Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster– which will help to give skin a whole new lease of life.

Investing in one of Dermalogica’s fab face masques can also help to get skin looking its very best- and there’s a masque out there for just about every skin type.

A little preparation and TLC can go a long way in skin looking its best yet when that important event arrives.

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