Neglecting your skin care regime- the consequences

It can be all too easy to neglect your skin care regime a little when you’re rushed off your feet, and whilst leaving your makeup on after a long night once in a blue moon can be forgiven, if you start to make a habit of this, the negative effects will soon start to show.

It’s fair to say that nobody wants skin which looks older than its years, and this is why so many people find themselves looking into procedures such as Botox after years of skin neglect.

However, if you make the effort to really look after your skin now, you won’t need to suffer painful and risky injections in the coming years.

Abandoning any area of your skincare regime can have unwanted and lasting consequences, which is why your skin should be one of the first things on your mind in the morning and one of the last things on your mind at night.

Using a good cleanser is vital in helping to keep breakouts at bay and reducing build ups in the pores. However, a good cleanser doesn’t necessarily mean a harsh one, as you don’t want to strip skin of essential oils and dry it out.

Toner is also a vital component of any skin care regime, and helps to hydrate skin after cleansing and prepare it for moisturiser. Skipping on toner could leave skin feeling dry and tight, and your skin might not be adequately prepared.

Moisturising every morning and night is a must, and has several benefits. One of the many adverse effects of regularly failing to moisturise is seriously dehydrated skin- which in turn can quickly develop into premature skin aging.

When you’re looking for the perfect products for your skin care regime, you can’t go wrong with Dermalogica, and their great range of cleansers, toners, moisturisers and specialist products are fantastic for all skin types.

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