It’s not just your children’s sun protection which you need to worry about

If you’re just about to go on your annual family summer holiday, there are likely to be many bits and pieces will you still need to take care of.

Packing for yourself can be hard enough, although when you also have children to attend to you’re sure to be rushed off your feet.

From clothing to beachwear to toiletries, packing all of your suitcases can be a lengthy task in itself, and you probably have a check list which is as long as your arm.

When holidaying with the children in a hot country, one thing which will be high on your list of priorities is packing adequate sunscreen for the little ones. Children’s skin is extremely susceptible to sunburn, so you need to ensure that you opt for a very high SPF product. If your children enjoy splashing about in the pool, you also need to pack waterproof protection.

However, it’s not just the children’s sunscreen which you need to worry about- you also need to think about your own. Adult skin can also burn at an alarming speed when you’re holidaying abroad, and like the children, if you enjoy a dip in the pool, you also need to invest in a waterproof sunscreen.

The Dermalogica Solar Defence range contains everything you need to keep your skin looking fantastic all holiday long, and whether you’re looking for products for the face or the body, Dermalogica will have the perfect product.

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