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We work very hard to ensure that we provide the best level of service to our customers and we receive a lot of feedback from our customers via email, which we publish on our Customer Comments page, and via our Facebook Page on our Wall and Reviews sections.

This feedback is from one of our customers and it simply cannot be added to our Customer Comments page, so we’ve added it to our blog:

I would like to thank you for excellent customer services. First orders on internet is always with hesitation. Especially the comments from your customers you have put on the web sounded to good to be true. I never thought I would write this but I was wrong to think they were too good. In fact now I think they don’t do enough justice. And here I am writing to say, Yes I have a first hand experience now with your excellent service.

When I put in my order, to be sent to France, somehow the total cost did not include the posting (which again impressively you charge what you are charged and not like Amazon books where books are sometimes cheaper than the postage). At first I was very disappointed that my order did not follow through and and was ready to cancell  my order. By chanse I saw your online chat and helpline. Friend of mine over my shoulder told me ‘there is never someone there’..I thought I would try since there is noone there to see if they will respond to my request/demands. With the liberty of noone is there I wrote..There was an answer..My friend as suprised as Iam said,’its a computor response’ I got into discussion with Craig (I think his name was, excuse my memory) we both were suprised that there was a real person answering and dealing with the problems we were raising with realistic options. By the afternoon on Friday 13th, my position with your company changed from a ‘lost customer’ to ‘won customer’. This you owe it to your customers services personel and please make sure this goes into his records. The gifts put into the box becasue of the postage problem was highly satisfactory. I am most impressed.

Same afternoon I tracked my pacel and as he said it was already dispatched same day. On monday and tuesday I checked on postal track services and it still said that it was on its way. On tuesday afer I checked on line at 1pm  I went down to check my regular post never expecting the parcel from you to arrive. But there it was. I did not sign for it but it safely arrived. Same evening I started using your products  and I am in the process of ordering more products next morning.

First time I came across Dermalogica was when my mother asked me to get her and insisted on the product. She said ‘if you dont find this dont buy me anything else’..When I went to the shop, I also got a service for mapping my face as well as my friend. As I was thinking, ‘here we go they are going to sell us their products we are trapped’..they insisted on us not buying it but giving us a bunch of samples to try and see if our skin agrees.

Your service and products are  reliable, fast and great deal with more than 100% customer satistaction.  I will be trying your other products and have a feeling only brand that will enter into my bathroom will you Dermalogica.

My first order included orders for my mother and myself and for my sister. You don’t have one dedicated customer here, now my friend who was looking over my shoulder when I was online help is a convert, so you have four dedicated cutomers.

Looking forward to working with you many years (as we get older more and more 🙂 )..

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