Applying after sun can help to minimise the effects of sun exposure

Many of us have experienced an unfortunate case of sunburn in our lives, and for most it has been a turning point when it comes to protecting skin from the sun’s harsh rays.

Directly exposing skin to UV rays can quickly result in sunburn- and as well as not being the most desirable look around, it can have many serious lasting effects.

In addition to being key contributor to skin cancer, exposure to the sun’s rays can also result in premature skin ageing and the appearance of pigmentation in the future- and it’s safe to say that no tan is worth risking any of this for.

Some of the most common reasons for sunburn include an SPF which is too low, forgetting to reapply sunscreen after water exposure and simply forgetting to apply a sunscreen altogether.

Whether you are at home or abroad, applying an effective after sun can really help to soothe skin. Dermalogica After Sun Repair is a fantastic product which can help sun exposed skin in a number of ways.

In addition to soothing skin, Dermalogica After Sun Repair also helps to repair damage, rehydrate, and also speed up skin’s recovery.

Make Dermalogica After Sun Repair one of your must-have skin products this summer.

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