Controlling excess oil without constant powder touch-ups

Excessively oily skin is a relatively common skin complaint, although many people still struggle to keep the condition under control. Oily skin can be a problem whatever the time of year, although warmer temperatures can make things worse.

One of the ways in which many women with oily skin attempt to keep shine at bay is through the use of pressed or loose powder. Whilst applying powder at the start of the day is a great way of achieving a matte looking base, constantly re-applying it can make your skin feel heavy and look patchy and uneven.

Thankfully though, using powder isn’t the only way of getting rid of shine, and there are several other measures which you can take and products which you can use which won’t leave skin feeling clogged.

If you’re still using a regular moisturiser, swapping this for an oil-free product can make a really big difference, and skin will be moisturised just as effectively.

Keeping a supply of oil blotting sheets close to hand will also help you to wage war on oiliness. You can pick these up really affordably, and they help to soak up oil rather than cover it.

Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion is another great weapon in the battle against oily skin, and in addition to contributing to a long-lasting matte look it’s also great at minimising breakouts.

Reduce your reliance on powder- there are far better options out there.

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