Improve the look of skin pigmentation caused by sun damage

Most of us enjoy a bit of sunbathing, although it can be all too easy to get a little addicted to basking in the sun’s glorious rays- which is never good for the state of the skin. Apart from the obvious health problems that sun exposure can cause i.e. skin cancer, you could also run the risk of causing skin pigmentation.

In today’s society, many people associate a ‘healthy glow’ with attractiveness, and whilst a tan may make you look and feel fantastic in the short term, skin pigmentation is just one of its long lasting effects- which could end up having the opposite effect on your confidence.

Generally, skin pigmentation takes its time to show, and although your days of tanning may have long gone, you could find yourself greeted with skin pigmentation in years to come.

Skin pigmentation caused by sun damage can appear as small spots or larger areas of discolouration, which are generally a tan/ brown colour, and can be very visible- particularly on lighter skin.

If you enjoyed the sun a little too much in the past, and have now been graced with skin pigmentation, Dermalogica have a great line of products which are designed to tackle the condition.

Dermalogica C-12 Concentrate is amazing for tackling pigmentation on smaller areas such as the face, and in addition to treating discoloured skin, it also intensely hydrates and conditions- giving your skin some long-awaited TLC.

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