Exfoliation should be a key part of your skin care regime

If you lead a busy lifestyle, it can be all too easy to think that a quick lather up with a cleanser and a little moisturiser will be all it takes to keep your skin looking great in the long run. However, contrary to what some people believe, for the majority, an effective skin care regime does actually consist of more than this.

A key part of any skin care regime should be exfoliation- even for those with more sensitive skin. Products for all skin types have really come on leaps and bounds over recent years- and exfoliants are no exception.

Even if you feel that your cleanser does a good job of keeping your skin thoroughly cleansed, the chances are that your pores will still need a little extra attention. This is where exfoliants come in.

Without a doubt, Dermalogica are the proud owners of some of the best exfoliants in the business– which are specially designed for different skin types.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is ideal for all skin types, and is a great way of achieving smooth and supple skin without being overly harsh.

For those with drier skin, Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant may be the product for you- as it helps to rehydrate skin and help to tackle premature skin aging.

Make an effort to add an exfoliant to your skin care regime- you will really notice the difference.

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