Don’t let summer sun dry out your skin

Dry, flaky skin is never the best look on anyone, particularly when it is present on the face. There are several different factors which can lead to the appearance of dry skin, and the hot summer sun is one of them.

With summer now well and truly underway, the sun is now starting to make regular appearances, and we definitely need to make the most of it before the UK’s usual dreary, damp climate takes hold again!

However, during the summer months, skin is far more susceptible to skin damage, and you can damage your skin just as easily when strolling round the park as you can spending hours sunbathing in the garden.

Even those who don’t burn easily and those with darker skin still need to ensure that they use adequate sun protection, as sun damage can have long lasting effects.

Skin that is dry and dehydrated through sun exposure can look and feel a little unsightly, although provided you invest in and use products designed to protect your skin type from the sun, it can stay looking as smooth and as supple as ever.

Drinking plenty of water during the hot summer months is also essential in keeping your body and skin hydrated, and should be consumed frequently.

Dermalogica has a fantastic sun protection range, which will help to protect and hydrate your skin all day long. The Dermalogica Solar Defence System contains products designed for the face and body- so there’s simply no excuse for sporting dry, shrivelled skin!

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