A sunburnt body is neither healthy nor attractive

For many people, the summer months mean a mission of attempting to achieve the ultimate tan- although these attempts can often end in disaster.

In an effort to achieve a so-called ‘healthy glow’, many people play Russian Roulette with their skin by risking sun exposure without wearing adequate protection. Even though we are constantly provided with new reports and evidence on just how much damage the sun can do, some people would still risk permanent damage to skin in the name of vanity.

One of the things about sunburn is that you might not realise just how much damage you’ve done before it’s too late. Factors such as clouds and a cool breeze can make it extremely difficult to tell when the sun’s strong rays are having an effect, and before you know it you’re the less than proud owner of painful red skin.

It’s a safe bet to assume that red, sunburnt skin isn’t exactly the look that anybody wants to achieve, and in addition to giving you the look of a lobster, you’ve also put yourself at risk of skin cancer.

This is why it’s vital to invest in effective sun protection products- such as those in the Dermalogica Solar Defence System range.

With sunscreens for the face and body with up to SPF 30, you can enjoy the sun while it lasts and opt for a fake tan if tanned skin really is so important to you!

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  1. Lydia Jay

    The article on using sun protection is very useful, informative & factually correct. For years I have been using both Dermalogica’s Ultra Sensitive Face Block & an ordinary sun cream spf 50, but did not apply them as liberally as I should have. The result was red patches, particularly on the back of my neck & shoulders, which I must agree look & feel bad. During my holiday abroad recently, I begun applying both products generously every two hours & have avoided getting any red patches. Instead I have a lovely tan. It is also very important to use sun protection during cloudy, dull days & in spring / autumn when the weather may appear bad & deceptive, giving the allusion of not being able to burn or catch the sun. You can still burn and the face & body as a consequence starts to show signs of premature aging. During the winter / cooler months I usually use Dermalogica’s Sheer Tint Moisture spf 15. Now I am considering, due to factors, such as changes in global warming, using Dermalogica’s Ultra Sensitive Face Block spf 50 all year round. The thought of not being been pasty in the winter and the health benefits are key factors in my decision.

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