Help your man to embrace a good skin care regime

It might be 2010, but some men STILL refuse to pay adequate attention to their skin- for fear of being ridiculed by their mates in the pub!

However, the ‘metrosexual’ man knows just how important a proper skin care regime is- which is why more and more women are finding it increasingly difficult to get into the bathroom in the morning! However annoying this may be, it’s most definitely a good thing in the long run, and your fella will stay looking hunky years to come!

If your other half is more likely to wash ‘n’ go with any bar of soap that happens to be lying around, you definitely need to help to guide him along the right track.

Getting your man to follow a good skin care routine needn’t be a massive struggle though, and with a little gentle guidance and a little helping and from Dermalogica, he’ll love looking after his skin in no time at all.

Dermalogica’s fantastic Shave System line is great for all skin types, and boasts an unbeatable range of pre and post-shave products.

Why not treat your man to the Dermalogica Shave System Kit– the perfect way to kick-start that skin care.

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